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SPM Solutions

Incentivisizing your Sales and Channels Force

Improve the results and efficiency of your sales force with Incentives Solutions’ Sales Performance Management  (INCENTIVES-SPM solution ). Incentives Solutions’ offers a best-of-breed, comprehensive SPM application that enables executives to implement quick, efficient, and flexible compensation plans for your sales force, without any programming knowledge:

  • Align your sales force with corporate objectives to improve overall productivity.
  • Set quotas. Allocate, hierarchically and terrestrially and allow negotiations and finalization of personal goal sheets, within a fully automated, monitored and managed process.
  • Set specific incentives, commissions and special rewards and prizes for different KPI and competitions. Mix short and longer terms targets to focus employees on current campaigns and your company’s annual plan.
  • Attract, retain and motivate top performers while inspiring excellence and competitiveness.
  • Provide full transparency of incentives to build employee confidence in the compensation program and eliminate wasted employee time spent on “shadow accounting.”
  • Increase employee satisfaction with an improved incentive solution, which will lead to better customer service and ultimately boost sales.

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