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Incentives Compensation Management

Compensating your Employees

Enterprise Incentives Compensation Management (ICM) and compensation budgeting is recognized by consumers as well as leading research groups and business consultants as an important component of organizational compensation efficiency. ICM enables organizations to compensate properly while lowering the risk of overcompensation due to miscalculation. As a result, companies enjoy almost immediate savings upon implementing these systems.

With Incentives Solutions’ Enterprise Incentives Compensation Management (ICM), you can create and enhance a sense of partnership with your employees. ICM encourages the creation of mutual commitment between you and your employees: a commitment to excellence on the part of the employees, and recognition (both financial and professional) on the part of your company.

Incentives for all staff levels

The INCENTIVES-PRO suite, our ICM solution, enables pay-for-performance solutions for all staff levels in your organizations, from front-line employees to senior executives. Your business’ KPI applies not only to your sales team, but also to service personnel in call centers or field technicians, logistics staff, R&D, administrators, etc. Therefore, it is important to compensate them as well for excellent performance. You can also leverage the system to include your distribution partners, suppliers and outsource services.

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