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Customer Service Performance

Motivating your Call Center Force

Incentives Solutions’ Customer Service Performance Management (INCENTIVES-SPM) solution enables companies to continuously and systematically promote excellent customer service in all areas, including technical (field, in-house) staff and call center. Good customer service directly impacts a company’s bottom line with satisfied customers and reduced customer churn. In addition, Incentives Solutions Incentives-SPM solution helps technicians and CSRs identify additional sales opportunities that may exist in every inbound or outgoing call.

Customer service performance

  • Improve customer satisfaction with real-time measurement of specific quantitative and qualitative KPI.
  • Reward excellence and create differentiation.
  • Reduce customer churn by associating “Total Commitment” to every event.
  • Reduce employee turnover by using incentive plans tailored for lengthening average CSR employment periods.
  • Display automatic suggestions for “Next Best Activity” to improve performance and shorten the CSR training and development period.

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