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Key Capabilities

Sales Channels Management: Manages the enterprise’s different sales channels types (Internal and Resellers/Retailers) with their organizational hierarchies and attributes. The Joopy sales channel management module can synchronize with any external Human Resources (HR) and Resellers Data Warehouse, or manage all channels internally

Commission Rules Management: Manages the enterprise’s commission rules and models and dynamically assigns them to different payee groups. This module features an intuitive GUI, which empowers power users to quickly and easily implement the required business logic that transfers strategic goals into operational commission rules

Dealers Portal and ‘Go Joopy’ mobile app: Enable sales reps and employees to be fully engaged with their personal business goals, achievements and expected payments, from anywhere and at any time

Next Best Action: Provides sales reps and employees with a clear indication on where they should focus in order to meet their business goals and maximize their commission payments. Next Best Action takes advantage of advanced prescriptive analytics algorithms

Simulation and What-If Analysis: A simulation environment in which the power user can simulate as many scenarios as needed, to ensure the organization’s margins are optimized prior to the model’s deployment in production environment. In addition, a personal simulation is included in the Portal to provide the sales channels with a ‘what-if’ analysis on their individual sales

Case Management: Enables sales reps and employees to open a dispute or another type of a case, such as requesting a change in the commission model. A dispute can be raised in cases of a disagreement in the calculated commission or missing transactions. The case approval process can be easily defined to automate it while reflecting organization’s internal processes

Reporting: Composed of a set of tools that provide the enterprise with robust reporting capabilities. The set of tools include: Business Objects universe for pre-defined reports, applications GUI for an ad-hoc reporting environment and a rich set of graphical dashboards

Workflows: For approving calculated commissions, disputes and changes in commission rules, the system provides configurable workflows that enable the enterprise to easily reflect the currently used internal business processes, and automate them to increase efficiency and operational performance.

User and Role Management: Manages security definitions, users, roles and activities that are related to different security profiles

Logging and Auditing: Provides a comprehensive logging functionality that includes all user actions and internal system activity

Multi language and multi-currency: The system is available in variety of languages (E.G: English, French, Spanish, German) and can support multi currencies within one deployment (tenant)