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INCENTIVES-SPM is an innovative Compensation Management and Sales Performance Management (SPM) solution which enables sales organizations to increase their sales and improve their profitability. INCENTIVES-SPM enables the enterprise to manage its entire internal and external sales channels partners under a unified platform, combining identical operational processes and policies, and providing the organization’s sales channels (internal and external) with a dedicated portal to increase engagement and strengthen their relations with the enterprise for optimized business results.

INCENTIVES-SPM introduces a ‘Sales Channel’ facing approach to motivate the entire distribution network to achieve its goals and objectives, thus enabling the enterprise to successfully translate its strategic goals into operational sales targets and objectives.

INCENTIVES-SPM provides the enterprise with a powerful tool through which it can rapidly and easily define, maintain, and manage incentives, sales performance and commission models through a user-friendly and flexible GUI.

INCENTIVES-SPM manages all sales channel activities, including business transactions, payments, financial balances, rejects and disputes.

In order to optimize margins and better motivate the executives, INCENTIVES-SPM takes advantage of predictive and prescriptive analytics to provide the enterprise with simulation, forecasting and advanced ‘what-if’ capabilities.