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Launching Incentives Management package for Car dealerships

July 1, 2011 – Incentives Solutions , a leading provider of SPM Technologies and Solutions, today announced the launch of its packaged  solution for measuring the performance and incentives compensation plans for car dealership

The solution was launched after working with a number of design partners from the car industry. The package is being simultaneously deployed at 2 car dealerships.

The package is based on the powerful capabilities of Incentives-SPM platform and comes with pre-packaged KPI’s and reports tailored for the car industry and is enriched with best practices of dealerships incentives, allowing rapid deployment  and shorter ROI

The system will enable car dealers to view the status of the sales and distribution activities by dashboards, operational and analytical reports. Senior management will be able to comprehensively track performance by regions, campaigns and other KPI’s.

About Incentives Solutions

Incentives Solutions is a global provider of flexible and comprehensive performance measurement and incentive pay best-of-breed systems that increases both employee and channel partners’ results driven motivation, while significantly decreasing administrative and IT costs.

Founded in 2002, Incentives Solutions streamlines employees’ performance management (ICM), Sales and Service Performance Management ( SPM ) and thereby delivering the most innovative solutions on the market.

The user friendliness and flexibility of the products enables rapid Return on Investment (ROI), low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), and full compliance with financial regulatory requirements. Within a short period of time, Incentives Solutions has established itself as the ICM market’s leading solution provider.

Among our clients: Amdocs, AIG, Coca Cola, Orange, Nextel del Peru, Bezeq, Cellcom, Blue Square, Ayalon Insurance, Phoenix Insurance.

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