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Joopy is showing at the SalesForce Essentials Israel 23-November-2015

Joopy is a next generation product from Incentives Solutions, a leading player in the global SPM market.


With a 12-year successful track record and award-winning solutions, Incentives Solutions serves an impressive list of international clients including Nestle, Coca Cola, Swisscom, EL AL, Amdocs, AIG, Pheonix Insurance, Orange, Teva and more.
Building on Incentives Solutions’ success, Joopy offers an improved SPM suite that engages the VP Sales, CFO and CIO and their teams at every level, from management to field sales personnel. Its unique employee focus is backed by Joopy’s Wisdom, a multi-dimensional planning system that rapidly creates and deploys impactful incentive schemes, ensuring quick implementation from strategy concept to practice.


Its solutions are creative, collaborative, and flexibly tailored to suit any environment.
Joopy is cloud-based, making it an easily accessible and affordable solution for SMEs, creating a measurable Return On Incentives (ROI#1) with a rapid Return On Invenstment (ROI#2) .
Joopy’s solutions are sophisticated while easy to implement, and most importantly, have a visible impact on your bottom line.

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