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Incentives Solutions signed an agreement with Carasso Motors to upgrade their commission management platform to the JOOPY Hybrid solution. The new solution significantly increases the salesperson’s engagement in the sales process, as well as the business results.

Incentives Solutions signed an agreement with Carasso Motors to upgrade their commission management platform to the JOOPY Hybrid solution. The new solution significantly increases the salesperson’s engagement in the sales process, as well as the business results.


The Israeli company Incentives Solutions is in the final days of completing the upgrade from the old platform to the new JOOPY Hybrid at Carasso Motors.

The financial information of this agreement isn’t available, but is estimated to be in the hundreds of thousands of Shekels.

Carasso Motors has been utilizing the Incentives Solutions platform for many years, for the purpose of incentivizing their sales people.

Carasso Motors chose to upgrade their current platform to the JOOPY Hybrid in light of their positive experience with the tool, and in order to significantly increase the salespersons engagement, as well as other employees within the company, with their business goals.

The solution, which was implemented in just a few months, allows companies such as Carasso Motors, which, as mentioned, have been utilizing the older generation Incentives Solutions tool, to improve their salespersons’ engagement into the sales process, as well as the service they provide. The solution includes features such as: ‘Go JOOPY’ mobile application, a dedicated employee portal which displays competition information between employees, as well as competition among sales teams in the stores. In addition, this portal offers direct and effective communication with the employees. These tools and capabilities offer salespeople complete transparency into their performance, as well their updated payment information; Distribution of reports to managers via e-mail; and a more efficient way of monitoring the commission and incentives budget. In light of the positive experience gained within Carasso Motors, they decided to increase the user population to include auto body shops and external dealers.


Yehuda David, Director of FP&A at Carasso Motors: “The new system allows us to delve deeper and increase engagement of our employees in their sales and service processes; in addition, we can create excellency processes through significant use of the competition features and the Go JOOPY mobile application. We are experiencing a significant increase in the use of the system by the salespeople and employees, and we have no doubt that these processes will contribute to additional improvements in our business results.


Amir Fishslevich, CEO, Incentives Solutions: “We are proud of the continuous trust that Carasso Motors has in Incentives Solutions, as well as the appreciation and positive experience they have had with the new JOOPY Hybrid platform. I would like to especially thank the financial planning department at Carasso Motors led by Mr. Yehuda David, and to the system administrator, the analyst Noa Lamberski. The complete cooperation and partnership which we experienced with the implementation of the solution, is unique and significant to the success of the system, as well as to the increased use of the solution by the sales and service employees at Carasso. I am pleased that our more veteran customers such as Carasso motors, see the added values which they receive by upgrading to our newer generation platform, and are able to make this move and implement the system within a short time frame.”

About Carasso Motors: Carasso Motors is the leading car importers in Israel, and is part of the Carasso Group. Carasso markets the brand name Renault (private and commercial vehicles), Nissan (private and commercial vehicles), and the luxury car brand from the Nissan label, Infinity. Their activities are conducted through a chain of 25 vehicle dealerships across the country. These activities include the trade in, the fleet department, finance solutions, car insurance through Carasso’s subsidiary company “Carasso Insurance Agency, Ltd.”; as well as an advanced service network through a chain of 34 authorized auto body centers across the country.

About Incentives Solutions: Incentives Solutions is a market leader technology company in the field of sales performance, commission and bonus calculations, and incentives.

The company’s best-of-breed employee-centric Incentive & Commission Management platform, JOOPY, helps companies achieve their maximum business potential through enhanced focus on sales achievements, simplified processes and increased control over budgets.

The solution is available to customers, both in the cloud as well as on-premise installation. The mobile application ‘Go JOOPY’ which is available on both iOS and Android, provides employees and managers with transparency and advanced monitoring capabilities. Incentive Solutions’ reward systems produce quick time-to- value, low total cost of ownership and a high return on investment for a variety of international organizations including: Amdocs, Osem, Coca Cola, Israel Railways, Strauss, Nestle, ZIM, AIG, Entel, Cellcom, Electra, CLAL insurance, and more.

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