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Industry Challenges

Today telecom companies experience significant competition and growth opportunities, coupled with increasing commoditization of products and Value Added Services (VAS). These companies need to retain agility and have a creative edge at all times. There is a strong emphasis on innovations, trend readiness, prices and level of service to differentiate your business, increase ARPU and reduce customer churn. Keeping your employees and channel partners aligned with your strategic goals, tactical objectives and special promotional campaigns are challenging. Retaining your top performers, and keeping them motivated and committed (especially in contact centers) presents a tremendous opportunity for operational savings.



Incentives Solutions has a proven successful track record with multiple leading cellular and fixed-line operators, TV operators, ISP and Triple players. Our solutions enables the alignment of employee performance at all levels and disciplines of your company, with your corporate objectives, growth targets and pursuit of excellence, while reducing operational costs, and maximizing your Return On Incentives (ROI) by:

  • Motivating your sales and service staff You will be able to offer any type of incentive program with a complete spectrum of commissions for improving sales tools to customer contact centers (CSR), retail stores and service depots, channel distribution network and other disciplines in your company
  • Transparency and performance excellence: with the Web portal, each employee, manager and channel has access to the most updated information from their own private desktop including Next Best Action (NBA) suggestions generated automatically from the system, self-service tools, simulation capabilities and other features to help gain commitment and ownership
  • Adapting compensation plans to market demands: you can design or modify customized solutions, simulate and check them prior to implementation, and easily deploy compensation plans
  • Implement changes in real-time: Incentives Solutions agile technology platform allows you to implement changes in real-time
  • Predicting future profits: The Analytics Module enables you to gain in-depth reporting for operational, processes and analytical requirements which lead to sound business decisions based on the system’s comprehensive data and information
  • Regulatory and Fiscal management: providing an end-to-end full audit “check and balance”, log file and tracked changes, electronic signature and other tools to eliminate over payments and comply with SOX and internal regulations