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Life Sciences

Industry Challenges

A deciding factor in the success of companies active in the Life Sciences arena is their ability to perform in the area of Sales Performance Management. Sales Performance Management (SPM) has been recognized as one of the most significant contributing factors to the success of Pharmaceutical and Biotech companies. Budgets allocated to incentives in the Pharma industry are considered to be of the highest per capita when compared to other industries. These investments by companies in incentives are due to ROI values that are particularly high and show rapid results.






INCENTIVES–SPM supports all specialized sales sectors (i.e. prescription and OTC drugs) and its related net of complex territories, product lines, unique targets and relevant KPIs, while providing insight and focus for sales teams and multi-channel distribution networks.

In addition, INCENTIVES-SPM‘s back office and business intelligence modules enable efficiency, agility and precision when implementing strategies and tactics.

INCENTIVES-SPM is simple to use and you will soon enjoy using and benefiting from its many features including:

  • Align your sales force with corporate objectives to improve overall productivity
  • Adapt sales goals and quotas, managing sales territories, and rewarding in near real-time
  • Create models of future sales performance and incentive plans and simulating results to reduce risks and make optimal business decisions
  • Communicate clearly and providing full transparency of incentives to build loyalty, trust and confidence in the compensation management program, while eliminating time spent on “shadow accounting”
  • Increase employee satisfaction with an improved incentives solution, which will lead to better customer service and ultimately boost sales
  • Reduce administrative costs and the creation of a highly customer focused environment
  • Eliminate dependency on your IT support

Incentives Solutions understands the specific demands of the life science industry, and provides a customized solution to give you a lead in this highly competitive industry. Implement INCENTIVES-SPM to produce organized reports, mitigate risk of new pharmaceutical releases and focus sales strategies.