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Direct Marketing and Advertising

Industry Challenges

The media and advertising industry requires the most effective incentive plans and tools to motivate and retain your sales force and drive sales. The dynamic seasonality and magnitude of mass marketing means strategy and business processes are required for sales across different media channels—all in real-time.


Incentives Solutions provides media and advertising companies with technologically advanced Sales Performance Solutions to meet the evolving needs of this highly competitive industry:

  • Quick implementation of new incentives targets and rewards with INCENTIVES- SPM, which empowers sales and HR management to efficiently and independently create and oversee incentives compensation plans and seasonal campaigns in a fraction of the time of conventional methods
  • Simulations of new incentive plans gives the opportunity to preview their impact on results and perfect plans prior to implementation, thus greatly reducing risk
  • Precise and accurate compensation calculations eliminate the risk of monetary loss related to mistaken compensation calculations
  • i-Focus dashboard communicates Next Best Action (NBA)and enables independent operators to increase productivity of employees and channels
  • Reduce sales cycle time for advertisements once clear communication of targets and rewards for employees have been determined, leading them to focus their performance on the company’s dynamic needs

INCENTIVES-SPM comprehensively integrates the industry’s specific KPI’s for media and advertising businesses.

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