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Golden Pages Case Study

Golden Pages pleased by quick implementation and results of Incentives Solutions

Golden Pages is Israel’s version of Yellow Pages, and is the country’s largest business directory. In the past few years, Golden Pages has  expanded its information services to include online digital services.

Golden Pages Group serves approximately 250,000 customers as a primary source of business advertising for small and medium sized Israeli companies. With a business model focused on free-of-charge massive distribution to the public, Golden Pages’ profits rely completely on advertising revenue.

The Need for Change

Golden Pages had expanded its online directory to take advantage of the opportunities available in digital on-line information as a complement to its printed guides. However, the Internet demands greater agility, immediacy and flexibility in order to maintain a leadership position in the market.

Golden Pages relies heavily on its sales force and incentives programs. As part of these developments, Golden Pages have completed the implementation of the Siebel CRM system and was looking for the most advanced SPM/ICM add-on, to complement its sales management system. Up to that point, Golden Pages had been using a customized system developed in-house, but it was in need of a substantial overhaul.

Golden Pages had evaluated the following alternatives:

  • Developing its own solution
  • Extending the Siebel CRM incentives module

The Incentives-SPM was selected.

Erez Avner, VP Sales, Golden Pages: “Our sales division is one of the largest, technological focused ones in Israel. As such, we are constantly seeking innovative systems to support our sales strategies, as well as improving efficiency and increasing transparency for external and internal customers alike.”

Project Scope and Criteria

Golden Pages needed a system that could meet the following criteria:

  • A system ready for immediate implementation for the fall campaign
  • Advanced features for KPI measurements
  • Product, Quota and Territory management.

Rapid Implementation

INCENTIVES – SPM was selected by Golden Pages due to its proven ability to interface with Siebel CRM, Amdocs billing solution, as well as Oracle Applications systems.

INCENTIVES-SPM’s back-office “Super User” module enabled Golden Pages to smoothly and quickly implement performance and incentive programs as they saw fit.

The iFocus Dashboard enabled Golden Pages to reach out daily to every sales person by providing a complete visual representation of their objectives and performance, a set of self-services including simulations and other analyses, and Next Best Action suggestions to help them focus on the most important KPI.

The implementation was concluded in less than 3 months

Reaping the Rewards

INCENTIVES–SPM exceeds expectations.

Golden Pages IT staff and Incentives Solutions’ worked together to implement this enterprise-wide project for the System Users, Sales and Finance. The iFocus personalized dashboard generated excitement since every person in the company could now be connected on-line to their incentives status.

Monthly calculations and pay processes became much more efficient, and the days of lengthy calculations were now over; objectives attainment and incentive payment became “live” on a daily basis.

INCENTIVES -SPM exceeded Golden Pages’ expectations with its quality and ability to configure the system for their own business KPIs, sales targets and incentive programs immediately, efficiently and conveniently.

Features of Golden Pages’ SPM:

  • Ability to create dynamic campaigns
  • NBA (Next Best Action) suggestions
  • Innovative incentive plans programs.
  • Advanced planning and simulation applications

According to Eli Marom, Applications Manager, Golden Pages, the INCENTIVES-PRO exceeded Golden Pages expectations. “During the implementation we have encountered various challenges arising from the business and technological dynamics, a high level of user anticipations and other integration challenges related to the Siebel CRM system we interfaced with. In hindsight, the cooperation between the Incentives Solutions’ team and our IT resulted in a quality project ending with a smooth production deployment. With the iFocus dashboard we have the ability to give added value to sales managers which in turn increases the benefits of the System. There is good potential for us to expand the system and implement it in other business areas.”