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Incentives Solutions’ SOCIAL-SPM

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Incentives Solutions’ SOCIAL-SPM empowers managers to provide recognition on a more consistent basis. Managers can link events to badges, competitions, and leader boards to automate the awarding of virtual or actual incentives for positive sales behaviors.

Non-monetary recognition can be used to encourage and spread Winning Sales Behaviors and recognize real-time the behavior that drives the most deals. Automating the virtual recognition process, allows managers to focus on strategic activities and hands-on coaching.

In addition, the SOCIAL-SPM module promotes sharing best practices within the sales team, while recognizing top performers during the sales cycle. Additionally, it trains trains and alerts reps in real-time about techniques that are proven to close deals.



Peer-coaching module

  • Recognize and reward Winning Behaviors
  • Root cause analysis on “What” and “Why” others are doing better
  • Lessons learnt in regards to company-wide losses and wins
  • Timely recognition and rewarding on qualitative KPI’s
  • Peers and managers can give and receive feedback in real-time
  • Improving the alignment between marketing and sales teams
  • Share the latest feedback from the marketplace with the team


Product Champions’ Module

  • Announce the Product champion(s) per product; most successful achievers
  • Encourage good habits and correct bad habits in real time
  • Product champions can be consulted for advice and coaching
  • Simple and cost-effective tactics for rewarding positive behavior
  • Align teams with Social Goals