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Design of compensation plans

Design of optimized Compensation plans

Incentives Solutions developed methodology for designing compneations plans based on best proactices. Together with our customers, we desis putting a great deal of effort in converting its mileage and gained best practices into methodology and thought leadership. The consulting service packages are offered,  based on our proprietary methodology and include.

The following summarizes the activites and deliveries this consulting package

  • Validation of existing compensation plans, presenting the pitfalls, opportunity cost and pros and cons
  • Converting and translating the organization strategy in general and the sales strategy in particular, into compensation plans reflecting product priorities and companies focus on qualitatvie targets, such as margins, bundles, team selling, penetration of new market and launching new products
  • Aliging compneation plans with the compnesation budget and other budgets related to cost of sales
  • Determining optimized incentives plans and recommending cost-effective ways to incentivize employees
  • presenting a clear picture of the projected compensation costs for the coming year, per quarter and per month
  • Presenting an ROI, based on the project cost and predicted benefits due to improved performance KPI’s
  • Providing tools to communicate and negotiate the compensation plans towards the management on one hand and the sales force on the other hand