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Consulting Packages

Performance Management Consulting

Incentives Solutions has developed a proprietary methodology in the domains of ICM (Incentive Compensation Management) solutions, or SPM (Sales Performance Management), based on gained best practices across industries.

Our packages include:

  • Design of optimized Compensation plans

    Our consultants will perform a validation of existing compensation plans, determine optimized incentives plans and recommend cost-effective ways to incentivize employees


  • Designing effective Sales campaigns

    With solid experience in incentives pay, our savvy consultants can provide you with guidelines for designing and fine-tuning your compensation management strategy and budget for short-term sales campaigns. This package has demonstrated a double digit increase in effectiveness of sales campaigns across all verticals.


  • Building Sales & Service performance measures and goals

    This package helps our customers in establishing a clear process for developing a set of performance measures and goals, e.g. Balanced Scorecard (BSC) and Management by Objectives (MBO) and creating a set of KPI’s for each business line, creating a clear connection between performance measures and the compensation program (where applicable)


  • Sales process and targeted account management

    Coach the sales force to improving the conversion rate, optimally manage the sales cycle and attain their quotas


  • Coaching of EVA compensation package

    Introducing EVA (Economic Value Added) and its relevancy to Compensation design