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Quota Management module

Quota Setting & Management

The Business Challenge: Setting the Optimal Sales Quotas

The use of sales quotas is a proven way to drive sales and motivate sales reps.  However, the allocation of fair sales quotas and their ongoing management is a complex business process, which must mesh with corporate strategy and accurately reflect market conditions.

The need to align and adjust sales quotas with your company’s strategic objectives is critical for maximizing sales performance. Current manual processes for managing quotas and objectives result in errors, delays, and wasted time are inefficient and result in missed opportunities.

Introducing the Quota Setting & Management Module

The Quota Setting & Management module is a fully integrated component of INCENTIVES-SPM, an innovative Compensation Management and Sales Performance Management (SPM) solution. This module is designed to equitably set sales quotas and effectively define individual non-quota objectives for each sales rep and manager. It allows managers to easily and consistently review, adjust, and approve quotas and objectives, as well as score objectives, from a centralized location. In addition, the module communicates the goals and performance criteria used to set and adjust sales quotas for sales reps and managers prior to the start of each sales period.

Quota Setting & Management enables sales managers to: Set sales quotas via flexible, easy-to-use business rules including variance management

  • Model and analyze quota scenarios relative to corporate or sales region revenue goals
  • Configure automated workflow processes including quota distribution, adjustments and approvals
  • Determine coverage and sales goals per territory
  • Review and track quota attainment progress using up-to-date online reports for top-down quota and sign-off transparency
  • Conduct comprehensive auditing and change management support
  • Perform ad-hoc queries for quota distribution and attainment tracking and trends