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Optimized Incentives Module

Optimized Incnetives Management

The Challenges

  • How long do you spend on designing your compensation plans?
  • Is your plan aligned with Sales Strategy of your organization?
  • Does your plan encourage sophisticated sales?
    • Team Selling
    • Improving Product Margins
    • Selling most profitable products
    • Multi years contract
  • Are you sure you exhausted all compensation options?
  • Are you sure you designed the most cost-effective plan?
  • Do your payees (agents, Salesforce) sell according to your strategy?

Optimized Incentives Management Package

Our innovative solution for optimized Incentives Management, consists of  a Wizard driven Interactive module providing a methodology for defining Compensation plans, based on organization’s sales strategy. The module provides a sand-box for simulating alternatives and selecting the optimal compensation plan.

Once selected, the plan can be downloaded and activated in the Incentives-SPM or Incentives-Pro solutions.


  • Significantly shortening the time to define and implement commission plans
  • Make use of existing best-practice commission templates
  • Providing additional options to maximize the effect of the commission plan
  • Providing a sand-box for simulating outcome of alternative plans
  • Establishing a methodology for aligning Commission Plans to Sales Strategy

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