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On-Boarding module


The Business Challenge: Accelerating Time to Productivity for New Hires

The processes of recruiting, contracting and training new sales hires and channels are vital for growing sales capacity to meet expanding revenue targets. To become productive sales producers, new hires must be equipped with the necessary tools, information and support to get the job done. Undocumented, ad-hoc recruiting and training processes can result in time-consuming and costly ramp-up times for new hires. The result: low quota attainment percentage for new sales reps, high overhead costs and difficulty in attracting and retaining top talent.

Effective onboarding enables new hires and partners to be more productive from their first day on the job by streamlining paperwork, accelerating the orientation process, and immediately aligning them with corporate strategy and sales policies. Tools that streamline the onboarding process can reduce ramp-up times from weeks to hours, cut overhead costs, and shorten time to productivity for new sales personnel.

Introducing the On-Boarding Module

The On-Boarding module is a fully integrated component of INCENTIVES-SPM, an innovative Compensation Management and Sales Performance Management (SPM) solution. This module enables you to flexibly define a streamlined onboarding workflow tailored precisely to your organization’s recruitment and sales strategy.

The On-Boarding module seamlessly navigates new hires through the various processes, enabling them to hit the ground running and become productive in the shortest possible timeframes. The module provides each employee with access to a self-service portal used to track and support the following onboarding activities:

  • Learn the organization’s structure, culture, mission and strategy
  • Develop a basic understanding of product features and capabilities and how they address market needs
  • Become comfortable with internal tools such as CRM system, reporting systems, standard contracts and established proposal-generating practices
  • Internalize the sales pitch, USP, pricing policy, overcoming common obstacles and the overall sales process
  • Study the market segments and develop a clear understanding of the buyer persona
  • Review compensation program and individual quotas by month, quarter and year
  • Assign administrative, technical and commercial mentors to each new hire
  • Schedule follow-up checks after 30, 60 and 90 days

In this way, the Onboarding module ensures that each new hire and channel partner receives a complete orientation in all product, market, pricing and competitive topics, as well as understanding the internal sales tools, processes and policies used by the organization