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Next Best Action Module

The Business Challenge: Enabling Sales Reps to Focus on the Right Product

To gain a competitive advantage, organizations are constantly expanding their product portfolios and customizing the packages they offer to various customer segments.

Due to the complexity of today’s incentives plans, the average sales rep is often “in the dark” as to which products and packages to focus on for maximum compensation. Sales reps require the ability to get clear answers about their current compensation status and to prioritize sales efforts at any point in time.

Introducing the Next Best Action Module

The Next Best Action module is a fully integrated component of INCENTIVES-SPM, an innovative Compensation Management and Sales Performance Management (SPM) solution. This module uses powerful analytics to enable sales reps to view and analyze the current status of performed transactions, KPI’s and already earned incentives.

In addition, the module determines the difficulty level of completing sales per product based on each rep’s individual and team history. The outcome is a real-time graphical mapping of products based on their incentives value and the rep’s ability to sell them (as displayed on the SPM sales portal), providing the information and guidance needed to focus their activities and maximize incentives.

How your individual sales reps benefit

  • Increased productivity – Focus effort on product(s) that are both relatively easy to sell and have a maximal contribution to the incentives revenue
  • Better guidance – Pay attention to quality metrics that can influence the actual incentives payments through hurdles and quality bonuses
  • Actionable information – Provide employees with access to up-to-date information based on powerful analytic capabilities

How your organization benefits

  • Highly motivated sales team – Increase in the commitment, loyalty and satisfaction of your employees and partners
  • Alignment of sales with corporate objectives – Aligning daily performance of employees and sales channels with the organization’s sales strategy and growth targets
  • Meet qualitative sales targets – Notification of payees on not meeting qualitative goals, such as lack of team selling, bundles, maintenance contracts, etc.
  • Incentivize your company – Implement and solidify a common organizational incentives-oriented culture
  • Rapid Return on Incentives (ROI) – Driving enhanced sales performance for rapid ROI