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Tier 1 Western European Operator successfully deployed Incentives Solutions’ Sales Performance Solution

Incentives-SPM increased ROI and dealer satisfaction

February 14, 2014, Incentives Solutions, a leading provider of Sales Performance Management (SPM) Technologies and Solutions, today announced that it has been selected by a Tier 1 Western European Operator to deploy their Incentives–SPM solution. The deal size, over $3 million dollars, allows the Operator to calculate all direct fees and commissions of over 13,000 internal sales executives and external channel distributors.


The Tier 1 Operator selected Incentives Solutions following a comprehensive evaluation process as the sole provider for their automated SPM solution. Incentives Solutions’ domain expertise and experience in the telecom space, along with offering a comprehensive solution were pointed out as the primary reasons for the selection. The Incentives-SPM solution provides back office, reporting and portal functionality capabilities which were key to the Operator who needed to consolidate data from approximately twenty different operating systems. The solution enables management utilizing the solution to define and build KPIs independently, design models and create various commissions’ agreements and specific campaigns, while giving Operator’s the ability to leverage the solution’s rich simulation capabilities.


“The telecom market has now reached a mature state whereby the pressure for revenue growth requires precise focusing and thus our SPM solution enables the alignment of the sales force with our clients’ goals and objectives,” stated Tal Frank, Co-CEO of Incentives Solutions. “We are proud that our solution was selected by a Tier 1 Western European company for use in their complex network that manages hundreds of thousands of Euros annually.  This is further proof that we are able to generate immediate and ongoing value for our customers by enabling them to increase sales and improve profitability.”

A key factor for the Tier 1 Operator to move to a more automated Sales Performance System was that the company was using two homegrown solutions, one for the private market and one for the commercial market, however a significant amount of work was conducted by extracting data to Excels, calculating and evaluating the data and then feeding it back into the solutions. Results were inaccurate causing dealer friction. The solutions were complex and yielded little flexibility making it increasingly difficult for the Operator to be a leader in its market space. By implementing the Incentives-SPM solution, ROI was increased, less maintenance and manual costs incurred and dealer satisfaction and productivity improved considerably.


About Incentives-SPM

The Incentives-SPM solution measures a full range of Sales Performance KPI’s and streamlines the management of complex compensation plans while reducing operating costs of sales operations. The solution offers great flexibility and rapid adaptation to the changing needs within sales processes.


About Incentives Solutions                                  

Incentives Solutions is a global provider of flexible and comprehensive performance measurement and incentive pay best-of-breed solutions that increases both employee and channel partners’ results driven motivation, while significantly decreasing administrative and IT costs. Founded in 2002, Incentives Solutions streamlines employees’ performance management, Sales and Service Performance Management (SPM) and delivers the most innovative solutions in the current marketplace. A partial list of clients includes Coca- Cola, Nestle. Amdocs, AIG, Orange, Nextel del Peru, Bezeq, Cellcom, Ayalon Insurance, Phoenix Insurance and others. Visit us at:


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