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Shlomo Sixt Group Sales Division Successfully Completed Implementation of Incentives Solutions SPM System

The system measures and accelerates performance of the services and sales force


July 23, 2013 – Incentives Solutions, the leading provider of Sales Performance Management (SPM) Technologies and Solutions, today announced that Shlomo Sixt, the largest and leading automotive group in Israel, has moved into full operation of Incentives-SPM system. The system is designed to improve effectiveness of sales campaigns, improve customer experience and increase the overall performance of the sales and channels force of the Group.

The implementation lasted 6 weeks. The system serves all branch managers, regional managers and sales representatives nation-wide, as well as the executive management of the group.

Incentives-SPM, Incentives Solution flagship, measures a full range of performance KPI’s to improve service and increase sales, as it streamlines the management of complex compensation plans and reduces the operating costs of sales and service performance management systems.

Yuval Shani, CIO of Shlomo Sixt Group, said: “We chose Incentives-SPM to produce effective sales processes. We realized that once employees can view their performance information in real time, their efficiency, motivation and ability to provide the customer with the best service will significantly increase. Incentives Solutions was selected to enable us to design detailed models that make optimized use of the compensation budget while launching and adapting effective sales campaigns. The system allows us to perform simulations prior to actual implementation of performance measures and quotas.”

Amir Fishslevitch, Co-CEO of Incentives Solutions, added: “ Shlomo Sixt is one of the leaders in the automobile industry and we are proud that  Shlomo Sixt chose our Incentives-SPM system. The growing complexity and competition in the automotive rental business requires a dedicated and strategic “expert system” both for employees as well as for their managers.”

About Shlomo Sixt Group

Shlomo Sixt Group is the largest and most comprehensive automotive and services group in Israel. The company operates leases & rentals of over 70,000 vehicles. Sixt offers more than just car rentals: Road Services, Private & Operational Leasing, second hand car sale, insurance, and more. Shlomo Group is a leading Israeli holding group ranked as one of the top 10 service companies in Israel excelling in all its key areas of activity. The Shlomo Group is active in Israel, Romania, the Czech Republic and Russia. It employs over 3,000 employees.

About Incentives Solutions

Incentives Solutions is a global provider of flexible and comprehensive performance measurement and incentive pay best-of-breed systems that increases both employee and channel partners’ results driven motivation, while significantly decreasing administrative and IT costs.

The user friendliness and flexibility of the products enables rapid Return on Investment (ROI), low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), and full compliance with financial regulatory requirements.

Our clients include: Amdocs, AIG, Coca Cola, Nestle, Orange, Nextel del Peru, Bezeq, Cellcom, Ayalon Insurance, Phoenix Insurance. Founded in 2002, Incentives Solutions streamlines employees’ performance management, Sales and Service Performance Management (SPM) and thereby delivers the most innovative solutions on the market.

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