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Incentives Solutions signed a contract with ZIM Integrated Shipping Services to implement JOOPY, its leading sales performance, target management, and incentives management platform

Israeli company Incentives Solutions is in its final days of implementing the commission models at ZIM Integrated Shipping Services, for the purpose of calculating commission and incentives, utilizing their solution JOOPY.  ZIM is one of the 12 largest companies in the world in the global container shipping industry, and the tool provides a solution to the entire sales organization at ZIM, which employs hundreds of people worldwide. The financial scope of this deal is estimated in the hundreds of thousands of Shekels. The solution was branded ZIMCENTIVE at ZIM, and was officially launched to the company’s employees in early December.

The commission models and target management of ZIM’s salespeople was implemented in JOOPY within 8 weeks, in a process which included the full automation of sales performance transactions data loading on a daily basis.

The solution provides ZIM’s salespeople and management with an updated daily overview of the performance versus targets, as well as the commission payment. In addition, the system provides the salespeople and all the different management levels, a forecasted sales performance and expected commission payment until the end of the quarter. Beginning in 2018, the salespeople and management at ZIM will be able to follow their sales performance and expected quarterly sales using the mobile application GO JOOPY. The solution also helps salespeople by guiding them on where to focus their efforts in order to meet their sales targets. In light of the global distribution of ZIM’s sales organization, the system supports multi currencies, and allows each salesperson and different management levels to see their financial information in their local currency.

The quarterly sales and commission payment forecasting capability of the system serves as a significant financial tool for ZIM which assists the company in revenue planning throughout the year. The tips and information which the solution provides to the salespeople and management, regarding their target attainment, drives the organization in an effective manner to achieve their sales goals.

Eli Glickman, CEO, ZIM: “In the past year, we have launched a revolution at ZIM, in order to improve the company’s performance. A significant part of this revolution is the deployment of the commission and incentive models for the salespeople. The deployment of these models signifies a significant breakthrough at ZIM and serves as an example in the entire shipping industry. We found a real partnership with Incentives Solutions. The solution which the company provides, as well as the professional implementation process which was truly efficient, together with ZIM personnel, allowed us to deploy our commission and incentives models in an effective manner and reach the entire sales organization, which is distributed worldwide. The availability, transparency, and up-to-date visibility of information allow the entire sales network to have a ‘finger on the pulse’ and attain their sales targets.”

Amir Fishslevich, CEO, Incentives Solutions: “I commend the management team at ZIM for managing this process in an exceptional manner. There aren’t many companies of this caliber who can decide they need a solution and within a month select a vendor, and within two months complete a complex implantation project. The solution, JOOPY, is intended for sales organizations, and we are proud that ZIM’s sales network, which is spread across the globe, selected JOOPY to improve their business performance. The transparency and real time visibility of sales performance and target attainment, as well as updated quarterly forecasting, allows each salesperson and management significant control, and significantly increases the ability to improve performance and to attain targets and sales expectations.”

About Incentives Solutions

Incentives Solutions is a market leader technology company in the field of sales performance, commission and bonus calculations, and incentives. The company developed a solution which allows for a deep analysis of sales data, as well as analyzing the performance of the employees, from the salesperson to the manager. This analysis allows companies to effectively monitor their employees’ sales goal attainment and performance, and significantly increase their overall business results.

The solution is available to customers, both in the cloud as well as on-premise installation. The mobile application provides employees and managers with transparency and advanced monitoring capabilities. The company has a large customer base, with customers such as: Amdocs, Coca Cola, Strauss, AIG, Entel, Cellcom, and many more.

About ZIM

ZIM Integrated Shipping Services is one of the 12 leading companies in the global container shipping industry. Since its establishment in 1945, the company provides logistic and operational solutions to its customers, and operates a network of global shipping routes which reaches over 120 countries worldwide. ZIM encourages advanced technology and excellence its entire activity domains.

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