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Incentives Solutions signed an agreement with Neviot to implement JOOPY-A sales performance and commission management solution, which calculates premiums and incentives

Neviot Teva Hagalil Ltd., a marketing and distribution company of bottled water, selected the Israeli company Incentives Solutions’ tool, to manage and calculate the incentives for 80 of their employees who distribute their product. The project is in its final stages of the implementation, and is being conducted on the JOOPY platform, a full commission management platform.

The system provides support to the entire employee population within the Neviot’s distribution lines who are incentivized on collections, installations, delivery, and collecting used bottles. The financial information of this agreement has not been released; however, it is estimated to be in the hundreds of thousands of Israeli Shekels.

Within Neviot Teva Hagalil Ltd., there are a number of incentives and commission models managed for the distributors, in a number of various lines of distribution. Some of the models are more complex in their calculation, which includes parameters such as: leads, supply, tasks, and difficulty within a certain line, to name a few. A designated mobile application- ‘GO JOOPY,’ allows employees to view their personal goals and performance throughout the month, as well as their expected commission payments. Implementation of the solution includes full automation of all of the data loading processing, commission calculation, as well as generation of a salary file. This automation will all be completed within a few weeks.

The system’s built in capabilities allows Neviot to make immediate changes to the commission and incentive models. In addition, the data loading capabilities save a great deal of time of manual efforts.

The ‘GO JOOPY’ application provides the employees with great transparency, and allows them to monitor and improve their personal performance.

Ronen Wolf, VP Operations, Neviot Teva Hagalil Ltd.: “The commission and incentive calculations for the employees in the distribution lines at Neviot, serves as a significant activity in the reach towards excellent and efficient service.

Incentives Solutions’ JOOPY tool provides a full solution to our requirements with the most innovative and updated technology. The system provides transparency into the employees’ personal commission and expected payments, in real-time, as well as raises the competition between the employees, which leads to a significant increase in employee performance, efficiency and customer service.

The automation of the processes, as well as the reports generated by the system, allows Neviot to improve the incentive calculation processes for our employees. We have found a real partner in Incentives Solutions for the challenges that stand before us. The solution they bring, along with the professional implementation project which is taking place in conjunction with Neviot employees, allows us to significantly contribute to the performance, excellence, and service we provide to our customers.”

Amir Fishslevich, CEO, Incentives Solutions: “We are proud that Neviot Teva Hagalil Ltd. selected our solution to provide them with a technological response to the commission and incentive calculation processes. The matter of incentives has been a focus of the work and investment at Incentives Solutions over the past few years, and we are happy to see that more and more organizations are adopting our solution. I am appreciative to Neviot, at the forefront, Itamar Artzi, IT and process manager, for his partnership during the implementation project.

The expanded solution for managing incentives is part of the JOOPY platform, which provides a response to the needs and requirements for all matters of incentives, commissions, and variable pay. We are happy to see more and more customers in Israel and worldwide adopting this platform.”

About Incentives Solutions: Incentives Solutions is a market leader technology company in the field of sales performance, commission and bonus calculations, and incentives.

The company’s best-of-breed employee-centric Incentive & Commission Management platform, JOOPY, helps companies achieve their maximum business potential through enhanced focus on sales achievements, simplified processes and increased control over budgets.

The solution is available to customers, both in the cloud as well as on-premise installation. The mobile application ‘Go JOOPY’ which is available on both iOS and Android, provides employees and managers with transparency and advanced monitoring capabilities. Incentive Solutions’ reward systems produce quick time-to- value, low total cost of ownership and a high return on investment for a variety of international organizations including: Amdocs, Osem, Coca Cola, Israel Railways, Strauss, Nestle, Checkmarx, Teva, ZIM, AIG, Entel, Cellcom, Electra, CLAL insurance, Psagot, and more.

About Neviot Teva Hagalil Ltd.: Neviot Teva Hagalil Ltd.  produces and markets bottled natural mineral water, and mineral water-based drinks to businesses and individual clients. Neviot offers a line of products such as sport bottles for the physical activities, as well as Neviot +, a line of products based on mineral water infused with vitamins in light flavors. Neviot uses advanced drilling technology in the Galilee Mountain; by using this technique, Neviot reaches the water while they are still in the earth’s center, the safest and most protected zone. Neviot’s bottling factory is considered one of the most advanced of its kind; the mineral water flows directly to the factory from the drilling zone, using an underground pipe. Neviot operates six automatic filling lines for bottles and water coolers, without any human effort, and abide by strict international standards.

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