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Incentives Solutions signed an agreement with Israel Railways to implement JOOPY-A sales performance and commission management solution, which calculates premiums and incentives.

Israel Railways selected the Israeli company Incentives Solutions’ tool to manage and calculate the incentives for 3500 of their employees. The project is currently being implemented for all of the incentives and premium models for the employees at Israel Railways. The project is being conducted on the JOOPY platform, a full commission management platform.

Israel Railways is a governmental organization which operates the railway system within Israel. The company is responsible for transporting passengers and cargo, as well as the development, management, maintenance, and operations of the railway infrastructure in Israel.

The system provides support to the entire employee population who are entitled to receive premiums and incentives within Israel Railways. The financial information of this agreement has not been released; however, it is estimated to be in the millions of Israeli Shekels.

Within Israel Railways, there are tens of incentives and commission models managed. The solution is expected to be operational in the beginning of 2019.

The implementation of the solution includes tens of incentive models, integration, complete automation of the incentives calculations, and reports.

The system will calculate the incentives of 3500 Israel Railways employees. For control processes, a workflow will be developed, for the first time, separating the different segregations and permissions, so that managers in different levels will be an integral part of the automation. The system will automatically integrate with the core systems at Israel Railways, without manual intervention. Dedicated input screens were developed in order to allow inputting, as well as monitoring data that is not part of the core system. Therefore, all of the components of the incentives will be consolidated into one solution, with full transparency and control.

The built in functionalities of the system will conserve a great deal of time for the development team, and allow for immediate changes of incentive plans and rules. In addition, the built in capability of the data loader saves a great deal of manual efforts.

Yehoshua Foreman, CIO, Israel Railways: “The incentives within the Israel Railways are very complicated and have unique properties. After a deep analysis of the requirements, we are happy to know that an Israeli off the shelf product exists, which provides a solution to all of the needs and requirements at Israel Railways.

Incentives Solutions’ JOOPY tool provides a full solution to our requirements with the most innovative and updated technology, and is part of the entire streamlining process of replacing systems within Israel Railways. Some of the added values beyond the incentives calculation are the ability to allow the system administrator, as well as additional managers in different positions, a flexible and comfortable work environment; in the aspects of keying in information, work processes, data analysis, and of course, monitoring and control.

The automation of the processes, as well as the reports generated by the system, will help us to improve the incentive calculation processes for our employees, to quickly define new models and make changes to existing models, and contribute to the improvement of the employee achievement at Israel Railways.

We have found a real partner in Incentives Solutions for this process. The solution they bring, along with the professional implementation project which is taking place in conjunction with Israel Railways employees, allows us to efficiently and successfully incorporate the incentive models.”

Amir Fishslevich, CEO, Incentives Solutions: “The matter of incentives within government organizations, as well as large companies and government agencies, has been a focus of the work at Incentives Solutions over the past few years. We have invested a great deal to provide a response to the needs and requirements of this niche type of business, and we are happy to see that more and more organizations are adopting our solution. I am appreciative to the Israel Railways for the trust you have put in us, and for a truly organized implementation project. I am convinced that the solution will assist in providing organized and monitored work processes, and allow for the utmost flexibility for the system users.

The expanded solution for managing incentives is part of the JOOPY platform, which provides a response to the needs and requirements for all matters of incentives, commissions, and variable pay. We are happy to see more and more customers in Israel and worldwide adopting this platform.”

About Incentives Solutions: Incentives Solutions is a market leader technology company in the field of sales performance, commission and bonus calculations, and incentives.

The company’s best-of-breed employee-centric Incentive & Commission Management platform, JOOPY, helps companies achieve their maximum business potential through enhanced focus on sales achievements, simplified processes and increased control over budgets.

The solution is available to customers, both in the cloud as well as on-premise installation. The mobile application ‘Go JOOPY’ which is available on both iOS and Android, provides employees and managers with transparency and advanced monitoring capabilities. Incentive Solutions’ reward systems produce quick time-to- value, low total cost of ownership and a high return on investment for a variety of international organizations including: Swisscom, Amdocs, Coca Cola, Nestle, Kenshoo, SimilarWeb, Checkmarx, Teva, ZIM, AIG, and more

About Israel Railways: Israel Railways is a governmental organization which operates the railway system within Israel. The company is responsible for transporting passengers and cargo. The Israel Railways contributes to the improvement of quality of life by shortening travel distances, and turning traveling from one destination to another into an easier, more available, convenient, safe and quick form of transportation. Israel Railways is persistently improving punctuality by increasing the frequency of their trains, adjusting schedules according to travelers demand, creating new station and improving/upgrading current ones, expanding parking lots, improving information channels, as well as many additional projects aimed to assist passengers in arriving to their destinations in an easy, convenient, quick manner, as well as enjoying their travels (from the company website).

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