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Flying High With Incentives Solutions


EL-AL Fly High

Companies that have implemented Incentives SPM are always on the lookout for added values once the system is operational and already providing a stronger Return on Incentives.

ELAL airlines is known as one of the top 10 innovators in the airline business, and has been working with the Incentives SPM system for a number of years. Like most airlines, its sales strategy is based on electronic ticket sales, direct sales (call center), and travel agency sales (distribution partners).

One of ELAL’s most talked about innovations was the implementation of the Sell & Fly club


With the Incentives SPM system, ELAL was able to motivate and focus its entire distribution network members to grow sales, and particularly, focus and “close” specific sales, classes and destinations on specific dates.
Doing what high performing companies do, ELAL listened to its distribution network personnel and their needs, and added to the already existing Sell & Fly rewards program, the Incentives newest module.


With this module, customers are now able to launch from the Incentives SPM to a full electronic shop (Amazon and others), whereby every payee on the system can select and order any item with their incentives points. Based on a much wider rewards spectrum which consists of more options, and more appealing, tangible solutions, the goal was to increase satisfaction and loyalty of sales distribution members.

According to Kobi SimanTov, Agent Relations Department Manager at ELAL,

“We are always striving to motivate and please our agent partners. This fresh initiative is another step forward towards our mutually rewarding partnerships.”

Sell & Fly, which was implemented over ten years ago in ELAL, recently received an added component from Incentives Solutions which has automated the entire process for its 3500 agents, and added significant value to the airline. Whereas in the past, Sell & Fly offered agents to cash in their program’s points for flight tickets, the new upgrade now offers all the agents to enjoy from a wider variety of leisure and holidays choices. ELAL’s affiliated company Air Tour, specializing in everything from hotels to car rentals, special packages and other tourism products, was linked into the Sell & Fly system. The benefits to the agents were new choices, ease of use and more options. The benefits to ELAL were increased satisfaction, reduced overhead and administrative work, and more importantly, exposing the agents to the products and services of Air Tour.

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