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Electra implemented a sales performance and commission management solution, from Incentives Solutions

Electra implemented a sales performance and commission management solution, from Incentives Solutions.

The exact monetary amount of the deal wasn’t available, however, it is reported to be in the hundreds of thousands of Shekels, for a multi-phase project. The solution was implemented, in the first phase, in Electra’s retail division.

Electra implemented, in its retail division, an Incentives Solutions sales performance and commission calculation system. The project took two and a half months, and completed in April, 2017.

Today, the system makes it possible for Electra to increase its business performance and boost sales, due to the full transparency of all the sales process which the system provides to branch managers and salespeople. This transparency includes drilling down to a single product sale, personal and group goal attainment, as well as commission and bonus calculation. The data is updated and available to managers and salespeople in real time, which provides them with effective monitoring, and helps them successfully attain their sales goals.

“Strive towards excellence and motivate towards action” are the added values that Electra bequeaths to their employees.

Electra CEO, Zeev Kalimi states: “The sales world is measured by performance versus targets. As a leading company, the solution provides us with the added values we require to strive towards excellence and motivate towards action. Due to the significant information we produce, paired with the readily available information, anywhere and anytime, a positive, competitive atmosphere is created within the organization, which motivates towards actions and creates excellence in the work processes within the entire sales organization. The data facilitates us to take the necessary steps to constantly improve.”

Electra, Retail Division, CEO, Yoram Badash states: “The system excels in its effective, intuitive, and easy to use presentation, to all levels within the organization. The system provides transparency of all of the information/data to its employees, and at the same time, shows the performance of their colleagues in all of the branches. The system serves as a significant tool, which is important in increasing Electra’s sales.”

Incentives Solutions CEO, Amir Fishslevich states: “Incentives Solutions is proud to see Electra’s sales organization join the hundreds of thousands of other users of the system. The transparency, the updating of information, and the recommending ability, provides salespeople with an effective tool, which has consistently proven to improve performance. And this way, the organization’s entire achievements are improved as well, and salespeople’s trust and confidence increases.

We were fortunate enough to have an excellent partnership with Electra, in particular, with Human resources VP Shosh Raban, who significantly contributed to the accelerated progress of the project, and the rapid implementation. There is no doubt that her support and backing, as well as that of her team’s, contributed to the project’s management and progress, which was done in a manner worthy of amazement.”

About Electra’s Retail Division: Electra consumer products, a subsidiary of Elco, Ltd., is Israel’s leading company in the field of residential electric goods, air conditioning systems, and communication. The company is in the business of production, import, export, sales, distribution, marketing, and provides a wide array of services in residential electric goods, for the roads, and in the workplace. Electra sells and markets leading brand names, among them Electra and Elco air conditioning systems, Daikin VRF air conditioning, products for the home and kitchen from brands such as Electra, Phillips, Sauter, Miele, Whirlpool, Liebherr; and cellular phones such as Sony Mobile and Huawei.

Under Electra’s ownership, are two major retail chains, specializing in sales of leading electric goods: “Shekem Electric” and “Mahsaney Hashmal (Electric warehouse),” whose stores are spread across the country and offer their goods to the consumer audience all over Israel.

About Incentives Solutions: Incentives Solutions is a market leader technology company in the field of sales performance, commission and bonus calculations, and incentives. The company developed a solution which allows for a deep analysis of sales data, as well as analyzing the performance of the employees, from the salesperson to the manager. This analysis allows companies to get effective monitoring on their employees’ sales goal attainment and performance, and significantly increase their overall business results.

The solution is available to customers, both in the cloud as well as on-premise installation. The mobile application provides employees and managers with transparency and advanced monitoring capabilities. The company has a large customer base, with customers such as: Amdocs, Coca Cola, Strauss, AIG, Entel, Cellcom, and many more.

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