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The Council of Sports Betting (TOTO) Just Implemented an Incentives Solutions System

image002The Council of Sports Betting successfully completed the implementation of an Incentives system which will incentivize and compensate 1600 TOTO stations and network of distributors across the country.

The Incentives system will serve as a central platform for incentives management based on targets and performance for the entire TOTO sales network. The system will centralize the entire planning process, the ongoing management of agent compensation, the sales, and the marketing network.
With the aid of the system, the council will manage all of the target models, as well as the monthly and annual sale specials, in order to boost sales.


Eli Ben Simon, the Chief information officer for the TOTO:

“The system offers new and innovative capabilities for building incentive models for sales agencies across the country, defining sales targets for all points of sales, for different products, with full integration. The system enables the planning and monitoring, with full transparency, together with the council partners, using channels such as internet and mobile. The system integrates with the architecture of other systems in an efficient way, and uniquely handles all of the measuring processes, the incentives process of the sales network within the council, and down the line, the service departments, business partners, and management of/by targets.”

Tal Frank, Co-CEO at Incentives Solutions:

“Reaching sales potential in a job which has distributors and agencies poses a challenge that many companies face. The deployment of an Incentives Solutions system is a growth engine that is in constant contact with agents and distributors. Commission and incentives are the fuel for this relationship. With the right management, sales growth is the result! Companies who have implemented the system, have seen significant streamlining in all of their business processes, due to this mechanization, and significantly save operations and development costs. We are appreciative to the projects team at Toto for the quality partnership work they have done in implementing the system.”

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